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Redwood Availability

2x6 con hrt log sidingOur Redwood products come from lumber mills specializing in Redwood; direct from the source in Northern California. Top quality siding, decking & paneling is available in all grades of Redwood as defined by the California Redwood Organization. The single most important factor that determines the price of Redwood is the fact it is grown, logged & milled in Northern California before being distributed to the rest of the country. The closer you are to California will influence whether or not Redwood is a viable alternative to Cedar. While there are some lumber mills east of the Mississippi that stock Redwood their costs are going to be much higher than you would pay for the same product on the west coast.


Redwood~Green Living

redwood sided homeRedwood is produced by sun energy while the production of alternative building materials (e.g. concrete, plastics & composites) comes from the burning of fossil fuels which increase the existence of greenhouse gas emissions. In order to stem the tide against global warming (climate change) the use of green building materials such as Redwood is the smart responsible choice. Redwood trees convert carbon into oxygen and are a great way to reduce carbon emissions. A single Redwood deck can contain one half ton of carbon. In addition, California forestry regulations set higher standards for sustainability and resource conservation than even the FSC (Forest Stewardship Counsel) and the SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative).


 Redwood Maintenance

Photo of Redwood Stain Choices

Redwood gives you long-lasting durability and holds up to the elements with natural beauty. You can keep the surface looking like new with a finish that enhances the character of the wood, or choose the no-maintenance option and let your redwood age naturally, taking on a distinct gray weathered look over time. For a long-lasting, natural red appearance, just apply a finish and keep your redwood clean. Every few years a new application of your stain of choice will keep your redwood looking like new. Redwood won’t stain like composites and plastics so you don’t have to worry about barbeque grease or red wine, and you can always restore faded redwood!

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