Cedar Siding Sale San Diego California

If you’re in the market for a beautiful cedar product for your new home construction or remodel Lumber Out West can help.  We sell the highest quality western red cedar and deliver anywhere in California with no added salles tax.  We also have access to the best redwood products in the state.  Give us a call @ 775-386-8132 or email us at lumberoutwest@gmail.com for a free quote – you won’t be disappointed!

western red cedar home

Beautiful western red cedar home by Lumber Out West

Discount Cedar Siding in Michigan

The custom homes you see in resorts such as Lake Tahoe, Sun Valley, Vail, Park City and such all have one thing in common – they all use quality, high-end coastal western red cedar in their construction.  The coastal variety of red cedar is richer in color and has fewer knots than it’s inland cousin.  Lumber Out West specializes in this species of cedar siding and paneling.  Give us a call toll-free @ 866-972-7301 or email us for a custom quote.

Cedar Siding in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Cedar Siding Supplied by Lumber Out West

Michigan Cedar Siding For Sale

If you’re in the market for some quality western red cedar siding we can help.  Our low overhead and mill-direct delivery system can get you the lowest price for a quality, high-end cedar product.  Our prices are well below our competitors – call us toll-free @ 866-972-7301 for a custom quote or send us an email.

lap siding

western red cedar home

Discount Cedar Siding San Francisco

If you’re searching for a good deal on quality cedar siding in the bay area give us a try at Lumber Out West.  Our mill direct delivery system will save you money and you pay no California sales tax.  Give us a call toll-free @ 866-972-7301 or email us for a custom quote.

cedar siding

cedar sided home by Lumber Out West

Covelap Cedar Siding Sale

Covelap cedar siding is the most popular pattern available for your home.  Lumber Out West can quote you in both knotty and clear grades depending on your budget.  Our mill inventory of western red cedar is always full so give us a call at 866-972-7301 or email us for a custom quote.

covelap cedar siding

cedar covelap profile