Cedar Siding For Sale Los Angeles

Lumber Out West delivers to all areas of California and can save you money.  We charge no California sales tax and our mill direct delivery system means we can beat the price of your local lumber yard for quality, high-end cedar and redwood custom milled products including siding, decking and paneling.  Give us a call @ 775-386-8132 or email us for a custom quote.

cedar siding

Cedar Sided Home by Lumber Out West

Rabbeted Bevel Cedar Siding

Lumber Out West can provide you with the highest quality western red cedar for your new home or remodel.  Rabbeted bevel is a very popular pattern and we can even have it prestained at the mill for a ready-to-install product when it arrives.  Give us a call toll-free @ 866-972-7301 or email us for a personalized quote.

rabbeted bevel

cedar siding in rabbeted bevel profile

Cheap Cedar Siding

When shopping around for a good deal on cedar siding be careful about the species you choose.  Lumber Out West only sells the highest quality cedar, namely coastal western red cedar, which grows along the pacific coast from Oregon up into British Columbia.  Call us at 866-972-7301 or send us an email for a good price on a great product.

The picture below shows just how knotty inland cedar can be compared to its’ coastal cousin.

knotty cedar siding

knotty cedar siding with excessive knots

Lake Almanor Cedar Siding

For the folks living in and around northern California Lumber Out West can help you in your remodel or new home construction.  We specialize in custom milled, quality cedar and redwood products.  Cedar siding is our best selling product and we only deal in the highest quality cedars, namely, coastal western red cedar.  Call us toll-free at 866-972-7301 or email us for your personalized quote.

Cedar Sided home

Cedar Siding on custom home