Pre-stained Cedar Siding

Lumber Out West, in addition to offering the highest quality cedar and redwood products anywhere, also has factory pre-staining for your home improvement or new construction wood siding.  When pre-staining is done at the mill each board is individually processed by spraying the board on all sides with spray jets and then having the excess removed by roller brushes that spit out the board at the other end of the machine.  The benefit to you, the end user, is a product that arrives ready to install without the hassle of trying to stain in the field where dust and other particles make the job very messy and time consuming.  Give us a call @ 775-386-8132 or email us for a custom quote.

pre-staining by Lumber Out West

Factory pre-staining by Lumber Out West

Discount Log Siding California

Lumber Out West, the formost purveyor of quality lumber products, can get you a great deal on log siding in ponderosa pine, western red cedar, or redwood.  Our low overhead and mill-direct delivery system can save you money as we are always less than our competitors while offering a higher quality product.  Call us @ 775-386-8132 or email us for a custom quote today.

pine log siding

Pine log siding by Lumber Out West

Wood Log Siding Sale California

If you’re in the market for quality pine, cedar or redwood log siding we can help.  Lumber Out West specializes in low cost, high-quality log siding.  Most of our clients choose ponderosa pine log siding over cedar and redwood due to the cost savings.  Pine is at least half the cost of cedar or redwood – sometimes more.   Once you’ve applied stain the end product is very appealing.  Call us @ 775-386-8132 or email us for a custom quote.

pine log siding

Ponderosa Pine Log Siding by Lumber Out West